[NEWS] During the period, purchasers will receive a wallpaper for the 4th anniversary of Heralboni.

Thank you for your continued patronage of HERALBONY.

This time, Heral Bonnie celebrates its 4th anniversary thanks to all of you.
An exhibition commemorating the 4th anniversary " The Colors !" It is being held at ANB Tokyo in Roppongi, Tokyo. Click here for details

As a thank you to everyone who uses the online store, we will present wall art paper of the work of "The Colors!" exhibition artist Naoto Iguchi to customers who purchase products at the online store during the period.
(A download URL will be sent to customers who purchase the product by email.)

We would be happy if we could share the colors of art and the enthusiasm of the exhibition with our customers.
Please take this opportunity to visit our online store.

In addition, the “#Distinguished Fan Letter” campaign is underway on various SNS.
We will present a limited art T-shirt printed with the work of Mr. Naoto Iguchi, who was also appointed as the standby above.
Please check various SNS for details.


instagram is here

*This limited art T-shirt is also on sale at the online store.

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