unico / Currently working at the Museum of Beginnings (Fukushima Prefecture)

Tsuchiya's representative works can be broadly divided into a group of works titled "Leaves," which are shaped like dumplings on a skewer, and a group of works titled "Flowers," in which the entire screen is painted in multiple colors. He also draws concrete objects such as "sushi," people, and records notes on bus operations. Both "Leaves" and "Flowers" share the vivid colors that are common to both, and the gentle image of plants makes them popular with many enthusiasts. In recent years, he has also drawn sliding doors for newly built houses, and the walls of beauty salons and children's facilities, which have been well received.

Born in Tokyo in 1988.
After exhibiting at Art Brut Tachikawa in 2015, he has been presenting his works every year since then.
Due to his autism, he is not good at conversation, but he still loves people and has no hesitation in meeting new people.
He also loves music and has been studying the cello for 20 years.

Currently enrolled at Lumbini Museum (Iwate Prefecture)

She has been involved in a variety of expressions, not only painting but also weaving, paper cutting, embroidery, etc., all of which are intricate and rich in color and composition. Currently, she is devoting herself to slowly filling up mail-order catalogs, page by page, with mysterious writings in ballpoint pen. She usually concentrates on one project for several months or years, then suddenly quits and moves on to another.

She wakes up at 7am every morning without an alarm and drinks a glass of fruit-free white yogurt and strawberry milk. She has become incredibly good at a number of games and lives her own unique lifestyle with outstanding commitment.
For her, her encounter with acrylic paints was the beginning of her happiness. Painting became a daily routine, and the colorful, heartwarming expressions she creates are the scenery she sees, and her own words, even though she rarely speaks a word.

Current position: PICFA (Miyaki District, Saga Prefecture)
Born in 1977, he creates unique and distinctive characters on a blank canvas, drawn with pens ranging from 0.03 to 0.7 mm. Each character has a different expression and appearance, and appears to dance on the screen.