He lives in Naha City. His obsession with letters has continued since he was a child. When the works he secretly created in his room were introduced at the 2001 exhibition, they immediately attracted attention from outside the prefecture and even the country. He only completed two or three pieces, and most of them were left unfinished. After that, he began to draw letters not only at home but also during Wakatake's creative activities, and for some reason, these works are drawn vertically.

Unaware of the acclaim for his work or the attention he has received from the public, he has been devoted not to Chinese characters but to colorful bells and stars for the past 12 years, and for the past eight years to small dots. He paints obsessively until the ink seeps through to the back, just like dyeing, and the process itself seems to be something he enjoys. His dedication and unique technique are evident, and it is moving to see this.
His work has been introduced repeatedly both in Japan and abroad, and was included in the Complete Collection of Japanese Art (Shogakukan, 2016).