Terms of service

Article 1 (Scope of this agreement)
1. This agreement is a service provided by HERALBONY Online Store (hereinafter referred to as"this site") operated by Heralbonnie Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as"our company") (hereinafter referred to as"this service"). It stipulates the use of.
The usage guide, etc. of this service posted on this site by our company shall form a part of this agreement.

Article 2 (Customers and Members)
1. In this agreement,"customer"means a person who browses, searches or uses this service after agreeing to this agreement, and includes"member"in the next section.

2. In
this agreement,"member"means a person who has agreed to this agreement and registered as a member by the method prescribed by the Company.

3. The
customer shall use this service after agreeing to this agreement, and by using this service, it is considered that he/she has effectively agreed to this agreement.

Article 3 (Membership registration)
1. Customers who wish to purchase products using this service shall voluntarily register as a member at HERAL BONY. In addition,"member"means all members regardless of whether they are free members or paid members.

Customers who wish to register as a member will be qualified as a member after completing the registration procedure prescribed by the Company after agreeing to this agreement. The membership registration procedure shall be carried out by the member himself/herself, and registration by proxy shall not be permitted at all.

3. The
Company shall not be able to approve the registration if any of the following items apply.

(1) When
it is found that the member registration has been deleted due to violation of the terms of service provided by the Company in the past.
(2) When
it is found that the application contents for membership registration contain false matters
(3) In the
past, it was found that there were delays in payment of fees, refusal/inability to receive products for a long period of time, refusal of returns/exchanges, and other breach of obligations regarding the services provided by the Company without a justifiable reason. if you did this
(4) When
it is found that the prohibited items of this agreement have been done in the past
(5) When
we reasonably judge that approving other registrations is inappropriate for the provision and management of this service.

If there is a change in the registered contents, the member shall promptly register the change by the method prescribed by the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred due to the member not performing the change registration as appropriate.

Article 4 ( Management of member ID and password)
1. The member ID and password are the responsibility of the member to strictly manage and store them, and cannot be transferred or lent to any third party. In addition, the intention display that have been made against us by using the member ID · password is regarded as valid intention of the member corresponding to the member ID · password.

Members shall take responsibility for damages caused by insufficient management of member IDs or passwords, mistakes in use, unauthorized use by third parties, etc.

Article 5 (suspension of use, cancellation of membership registration)
1. The Company shall be able to suspend the use of this service or cancel the membership registration without the consent of the member if it is determined that the member falls under any of the following items.

(1) When
violating laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement
(2) When
it is found that there was fraudulent activity or default when using this service in the past
(3) When
it is found that the registered contents contain false matters
(4) In
addition, when an inappropriate reason as a member is found
Article 6 (withdrawal)
If a member wishes to withdraw from the membership, please request withdrawal from the inquiry form.

Article 7 (Purchase of goods)
1. If you wish to purchase a product, you must enter the required items for the order, confirm the contents, and click the button to order, and then ship the product from us. The order shall be confirmed. If the product cannot be shipped due to sold out, out of print, discontinuation of handling, etc., we will notify the member by telephone or e-mail.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is any fraudulent or inappropriate act regarding the use of this service, the Company shall be able to cancel, cancel or take other necessary measures regarding the sales contract with the customer. ..

Delivery of products in this service is limited to Japan.

4. When a
minor customer purchases a product, he/she shall purchase it after obtaining the consent of a legal representative such as a parent or guardian.

Article 8 (Payment)
1. The selling price shall be displayed for each product. The selling price is displayed with tax included.

2. The carriage is less than the purchase price of 10,000 yen in the order of one-time 600 yen nationwide (including tax), will be free in the purchase price of 10,000 yen or more. However, the shipping fee setting may change at any time, and if there is a shipping fee displayed for each item, the content of such display shall take precedence.

3. payment method, credit card, carrier billing, you Paidy, PayPal, Amazon Pay, shall pay in Pay Pay.

4. The payment period depends on the closing date of your credit card and the contract details. Please contact your card company.

Article 9 (Return/Exchange)
We will not accept returns or refunds unless the product is defective or a product different from the purchased product arrives and the following conditions are met. If returns or refunds are possible, we will bear the cost of the return. Please contact us by email within 7 days after the item arrives.
We cannot accept returns in the following cases.
  • Once used, or if there is evidence of it
  • Products that have been soiled or damaged by the customer
  • When accessories such as product tags, product boxes, and manuals are soiled, damaged, lost, or destroyed
  • Products that have been repaired, cleaned, washed, etc. after delivery
  • Other items on each product listing page stating that we cannot accept returns

Article 10 (Customer Responsibility)
The customer shall bear all responsibility for the actions taken when using this service and the results thereof.

Article 11 (Prohibited matters)
The customer shall not perform any of the acts specified in the following items. In the unlikely event that any of these acts causes damage to the Company or a third party, the customer shall be liable for compensation.
( 1 ) Unauthorized use of member ID and password
( 2 ) Transferring or lending the member ID and password to a third party
( 3 ) Registering members that are contrary to the facts
( 4 ) Access this site to falsify information, send harmful computer programs to this site, etc. to interfere with the operation of this service, or perform other acts that may interfere with this service. thing
( 5 ) Acts that infringe the trademark rights, copyrights, privacy or other rights of other customers, third parties or our company, or acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to other customers, third parties or our company Doing those threatening acts
( 6 ) Use this service for commercial purposes (excluding those approved by the Company in advance)
( 7 ) Acts that violate public order and morals or acts that violate laws and regulations
( 8 ) In addition, acts that violate this agreement and acts that the Company reasonably deems inappropriate, such as damaging the credit of the Company.

Article 12 (Our exemption from liability, etc.)
1. This service is provided by our company"as is"and"to the extent that we can provide it", and we expect that this service fits the specific purpose of the customer, and the expected functions, commercial value, and We do not guarantee its usefulness, accuracy, etc., either explicitly or implicitly.

2. The
Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer due to this service, except when it should be attributed to the Company's responsibility.

3. The
Company shall be able to change this service without prior notice at its discretion, and even if this causes damage to the customer, it shall not be liable to the extent permitted by law. I will.

4. The
Company shall respond in accordance with Article 9 (2 ) of this Agreement for damages caused by defects in the products sold through this service, and shall not bear any other liability as long as it is permitted by law.

5. If
the delivery address is unknown, we shall be exempted from liability by delivering the product to the delivery address specified at the time of application or by contacting the registered contact information.

6. Even if the
Company is liable to the customer for any reason regarding the use of this service, the Company shall incur the ordinary damage directly and actually incurred by the customer in the last 6 months before the damage occurred. Compensation shall be limited to the consideration actually paid by the customer to the Company (however, this is not the case if the Company has intentional or gross negligence), and for incidental damages, indirect damages, consequential damages and lost profits. Is not responsible.

Article 13 (Interruption and suspension of this service)
The Company shall be able to suspend or suspend part or all of this service without prior notice to the customer in any of the following cases. Even if this causes damage to the customer, the Company shall not be liable for it as long as it is permitted by law.

(1) For
maintenance of the system of this site
(2) When
it becomes difficult to operate the system of this site
(3) When
it becomes difficult to provide this service due to a natural disaster such as a fire, earthquake, or power outage, or other unforeseen drag.
(4) When
the Company determines that it is difficult to continue providing this service due to other unavoidable reasons.

Article 14 (Handling of personal information)
We shall handle your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy on this site, and you agree that we will handle your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.

Article 15 (Intellectual Property Rights)
1. The intellectual property rights of the content provided through this service shall belong exclusively to the Company or the copyright holder of the copyrighted work of the content. You may not use or reprint these copyrighted works without our permission.

2. Regardless of the purpose, if any act prohibited by domestic or foreign copyright law or other laws such as unauthorized reproduction, reproduction or other unauthorized secondary use of our content is discovered. , We shall take legal action immediately.

3. If any dispute arises with a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the member shall, at its responsibility and expense, resolve the dispute and cause any damage, loss or disadvantage to the Company. I will not give it.

Article 16 (Transfer of contractual status, etc.)
1. You may not assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of your contractual status, rights or obligations regarding the use of this service to a third party without our prior written consent. ..

2. The
Company shall be able to transfer the business related to this service, transfer the contractual status, rights and obligations related to this service to the transferee, etc. of the business, and the customer shall consent to such transfer in advance. will do.

Article 17 (Change/Revision of Terms)
1. The Company shall be able to change or revise this Agreement when the Company deems it necessary.

2. The
Company shall take effect by posting the changes/revisions of the Terms on this site, and the customer shall be deemed to have approved the changes/revisions of the Terms.

Article 18 (Sincere consultation)
If a problem that cannot be solved by this agreement arises regarding the use of this service, we and the customer shall discuss in good faith and resolve it.

Article 19 (Governing Law)
The governing law for this agreement shall be Japanese law.

Article 20 (Agreement Jurisdiction)
If there is a need for a proceeding between the customer and the Company, the district court or summary court that has jurisdiction over the location of the Company's head office shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

Article 21 (Contact)
All inquiries regarding this agreement and this service are as follows.

Heral Bonnie Co., Ltd.
020-0026 Morioka, Iwate Prefecture Kaiunbashidori 2-38 @HOMEDELUX building 4F