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ART BLOUSE -Bowtie-|Sanae Sasaki「(Untitled)(Circle)」


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好評につき、店頭限定商品が新価格でオンラインストアに再登場。ヘラルボニー創業当初から事業に共鳴していた「HAND」ディレクターERU氏と2017年に構想開始となったプロジェクト。色鮮やかでどこかレトロな雰囲気を纏うアートドレスとツイリースカーフには、四角・丸・三角をペンで描き続ける、ヘラルボニー契約作家 fuco:氏の作品が起用されました。



This collaboration is a project that started in 2017 with Mr. ERU , the director of "HAND" who has been resonating with the business since the beginning of Heral Bonnie.
For the brightly colored art dress and twilly scarf, which has a slightly retro feel, the works of Mr. fuco:, a contract artist of Heralboni, who continues to draw squares, circles, and triangles with a pen, were used.

ART DRESS list is here

HAND Collaboration production secret story ▶︎

[Release Commemoration] Artist fuco: / HAND staff event

The artist fuco: will be in the store at Shibuya Scramble Square, which will be held from September 1st. A postcard-sized original art will be presented to those who purchase this collaboration product on the day.

Event Details ▶︎

Product information

  • Material: 100% silk
  • Size: 160cm x 28cm


fuco: "Shiawase Pink"

■ Artists


Enrollment: Individual (Saga Prefecture)
Born in 2000.
It's been 5 years since I started drawing circles just to kill time. In recent years, he has begun to draw motifs other than circles. I continue to draw motifs of circles, sankaku, and shikaku freely every day without getting tired of long and large canvases. The words that come out as communication are few, but there are times when the words that come to mind are repeatedly muttered. Along with the words, the work is also born.
The world that only she sees and feels is slowly and colorfully expressed through her work.

■Collaboration|Vintage Boutique "HAND"

"HAND" is a clothing store that opens only seven days a month.
Arranging mainly vintage items collected by hand one by one, we handcraft what we want to make from the bottom of our hearts at the right time and in the right amount.
Our boutique in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, is a space that was built in 1969 and is located in a quiet residential area away from any train station. When it is not open, it is used as an atelier, and we are working on careful craftsmanship while valuing both old and new items. Please enjoy the only one charm in the world born from our hands.

HAND representative comment

Five years ago, we started talking about making clothes together. The time has finally come.
Through our clothing, we express our support and respect for these people, who declare that they will "deliver a variety of 'distinctions' to society in various forms and create a new culture with welfare as the starting point."
I pray that by the time this dress grows into your vintage dress, the preconceptions and common sense that divide the world will be a thing of the distant past.

HAND Official Site

■For Gift|Gift

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Would you like to add your own thoughts to such a product and give it as a gift to your loved ones? It will be wrapped in HERALBONY's original wrapping paper and gift bag.

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