{Donation Eligible} Disney × HERALBONY | Coaster "Untitled (KA-R)"

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The combination of traditional Mino ware techniques and the unique characteristics of eggshells has resulted in an art coaster with excellent water absorption.

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■ Product details

  • Material: eggshell, cork
  • Manufacturing: Made in Japan

■Size Guide

  • Size: Round | Diameter 10cm, thickness 5mm

■Care instructions and handling precautions

  • Care instructions: For basic care, wash with water.
    If necessary, use a neutral detergent, melamine sponge, baking soda, etc.
  • Notes:
    ・This product is made from natural materials such as soil and eggshells. Small particles may be mixed into the raw materials, but this does not affect the quality. ・This product is made of ceramics. Although it has been made stronger, it may be damaged if dropped from a high place or subjected to a strong impact.
    ・Because the material absorbs water, it may deteriorate if it remains in a water-absorbent state for a long period of time. If it is exposed to water, please dry it thoroughly before reusing it.
    After use, do not stack them and store them away. Dry them thoroughly before storing. If you stack them while damp, the color of the cork on the back may transfer to the front.
    ・Do not wash in a dishwasher or dry in a microwave oven. Using bleach (chlorine or oxygen-based) may cause the surface to fade. Do not use.

This product is a HERALBONY original Disney collection item.

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