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"Potato Chips" original artwork

Taisuke Kinugasa


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Original artwork by artist Taisuke Kinugasa can also be purchased at the HERALBONY ONLINE STORE.


・Size (length x width)|200 ×200mm
・Art supplies|Wooden panel, Acrylic paints
・Production year|2022
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Born in Kyoto in 1989. Began drawing at the age of two. To live is to draw. With a sense of color and sensitivity that has been described as magical, he paints a world full of light and color. His artwork has received high praise both in Japan and abroad. Based at Gallery Miracle in Kyoto, he has held solo exhibitions in various locations, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Sapporo, Osaka, Okayama, and New York. He has worked on numerous projects, including collaborations with various major companies, commercialization, and exhibitions in commercial spaces and public facilities. His large votive plaques are on permanent display at the votive plaque site at Kyoto Kamigoryo Shrine and Hakuun Shrine within the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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