Minami Takahashi"Wind Rondo"| Wallet

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Yukihito Okabe

This round zip wallet is decorated with artwork. When you open the zipper, the interior is divided into separate compartments, and the functional design makes this a product that combines looks with practicality. It can be used by both men and women.

Product Info

  • Material:Cow leather
  • Size:  W18cm×H10cm×D3cm


Minami Takahashi「Rondo of the Wind」


Minami Takahashi

At first glance, the works created by applying layers of coupe pencils and crayons are reminiscent of an intense production attitude that requires quick pencil movements.
But in fact, her work is very slow and gentle. Each color she draws does not mix with each other, but appears on the screen while asserting its own beauty, creating a mysterious coexistence of intensity and serenity that is hard not to be drawn to.



"irose" is a brand of small leather goods established by two designers, Gen Takahashi and Dai Takahashi. The word "irose" means "brother" in ancient Japanese, and is believed to be the origin of the word "color". The appeal of the brand is its high quality leather and made in Japan designs that show attention to detail. The brand features unique designs that evoke architecture or origami with their three-dimensional structures, using Japanese craftsmanship techniques such as folding and assembling a single piece of leather without sewing, and carefully hand-wrinkling high-quality pigskin one by one.

irose Website | https://irose.jp/ 

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岡部 志士

Yukihito Okabe