Hiroya Oji

Yamanami Studio (Shiga Prefecture)

Born in 1987, currently living in Mie Prefecture, he has been a member of Yamanami Studio since 2009. When music starts playing, he strums his air guitar and sings along to the rhythm, when a vehicle reverses he guides it with an exaggerated action, during breaks he takes a puff by imitating the gesture of smoking a cigarette, and he is always aware of his surroundings and directs himself. One way he promotes himself is through his artwork. His motifs are various, including people and animals, and he copies them from magazines and art books. The way he crosses his arms, changes the angle to consider the composition, and the way he carefully layers colors one by one with his brushwork are all part of his direction and his aesthetic. The works that are born from that aesthetic change into completely different colors and shapes that even he could not have predicted.


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Stand out

Intellectual disability.
Even within that single word, there are countless individualities.
It means that it's not "normal."
At the same time, I think that's a possibility.
HERALBONY works with artists from welfare facilities across Japan.
It is an art and life brand that aims to create new culture.

Unleash Your “Exceptionality”

“Intellectual Disability”.
Within the spectrum exists variants of personalities. Rich sensitivities, intricate dexterity, bold ideas, refined attractiveness and more.
Not “typical”, in turn, brings possibilities to life.

We aim to transcend borders by the names of prejudice and common sense that divide this world. By delivering diverse “exceptionalities” to society in various ways, we aspire to shape a new culture by pioneering a welfare-centered approach.



Working with artists to create sustainable brands.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of products purchased at HERALBONY will be donated to artists and welfare facilities.

Together with artists, we will create a sustainable brand.
A portion of the proceeds from the sales of products purchased at our store will be returned to the artists and welfare facilities.