Takashi Anzai

unico / Museum of Beginnings (Fukushima Prefecture)

Among his usual activities, Takashi likes to draw pictures. He also likes going for drives, taking walks, and interacting with people. He is more sensitive to information than anyone else, and is very curious about upcoming schedules. Takashi has always been in close contact with people, but with the recent new lifestyle, he has been forced to distance himself from others, and this has shown him a new side of himself, enjoying his own world alone.


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Takashi Anzai「Kabuto」|Art CoasterTakashi Anzai「Kabuto」|Art Coaster

Takashi Anzai「Kabuto」|Art Coaster

Artist : Takashi Anzai

¥1,386 ¥1,980 Tax included.30%OFF
Silk scarf "Kabuto"

Silk scarf "Kabuto"

Artist : Takashi Anzai

¥19,800 ¥22,000 Tax included.10%OFF
"Untitled" original artwork | Until the end of June "Untitled" original artwork | Until the end of June

"Untitled" original artwork | Until the end of June

Artist : Takashi Anzai

¥242,000 Tax included.
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Intellectual disability.
Even within that single word, there are countless individualities.

It means that it's not "normal."
At the same time, I think that's a possibility.

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