Eri Nitta

Member of the JOY Club Art Division, Atelier Bravo (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Born in 1991. Since long ago, he has been writing and drawing many pictures in notebooks. He says that he enjoys drawing small creatures. Creatures deformed into Nitta's form quietly appear on the screen, and as their numbers increase, they begin to murmur, and when colored pencils and watercolors are added, they make beautiful cries. It feels like a story is about to begin. His friends' kind words bring him to tears, he exchanges letters with people he meets at events, and his world expands every day. His first job was a drawing of a "little tern" (a small bird). It was used as an illustration for his business card.


the work



Stand out

Intellectual disability.
Even within that single word, there are countless individualities.

It means that it's not "normal."
At the same time, I think that's a possibility.

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