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Intellectual disability. Even under that single term, there are countless individualities. Rich sensitivity, delicate hands, bold ideas,
Sharpened concentration... it's not "normal." But at the same time, I think it's a possibility.
We will transcend the borders of preconceptions and common sense that divide this world. We will deliver a variety of "uniqueness" to society in various forms, and create a new culture based on welfare.

“Intellectual Disability”. Within the spectrum exists variants of personalities. Rich sensitivities, intricate dexterity, bold ideas, refined attractiveness and more. Not “typical”, in turn, brings possibilities to life.We aim to transcend borders by the names of prejudice and common sense that divide this world. By delivering diverse “exceptionalities” to society in various ways, we aspire to shape a new culture by pioneering a welfare-centered approach.


HERALBONY is an art lifestyle brand from Iwate Prefecture that aims to create new culture together with artists from welfare facilities both in Japan and overseas.

HERALBONY is an art lifestyle brand from Tohoku that aims to create new culture with neurodivergent artists in Japan and abroad.


The unfamiliar word "HERALBONY" is a mysterious word that was written in a notebook by the older of the twin Matsuda brothers, the founders of the company, who is four years older than the older brother and has a severe intellectual disability and autism, when he was seven years old.
These words may not have any meaning to the world. However, there was something that struck me, and that is why I wrote these words. These words are filled with the meaning of wanting to create value for the world by planning ideas that may seem meaningless at first glance.

"HERALBONY," the unfamiliar word, was written in a notebook for the first time when Shota, the twin founders' older brother with autism, was 7 years old.
At that time, you would have found nothing if you googled the word. Even Shota said, “I don't know!” when he was asked about its meaning. However, we believe that he kept writing the word because he found the word's sound, letters or whatever attractive or comfortable for him. Therefore, “HERALBONY” reflects our passion and desire to give meaning to what are considered to be meaningless in today's world.

Always watch the same show at the same time every day.

Repeat the phrase of pleasant words over and over again.

When their characteristics, which are repeated in their lives, appear in their artwork, the "characteristics" turn into paintbrushes.

Make these distinctive pieces a part of your lifestyle.

"Disabilities turn into paintbrushes, not lacks."

To watch the specific TV program at the same time every single day, repeat pleasant phrases over and over again.

When the characteristics of the repetition in daily lives appear in their artworks, the "characteristics" turn into paintbrushes.We introduce exceptional works of art to your lifestyle.

Disability is not a deficiency,

Become a paintbrush