Even a rainy day
If you get a unique, you will be excited.

A bright bag for the umbrella that opens down in the rainy sky,
It is an item that colors the room, and the rainy season is clear.

Art umbrella

Art ray umbrella

A rainy day is long -awaited.

MADE IN JAPAN's umbrella printed with a vivid art of HERALBONY on the back satin.

Use a wood at hand, and the bracket that summarizes the dew when the umbrella is closed is printed with the HERALBONY logo.

Standard and standard, 60cm size.
UV Protection (UV protection) creates a film on the fabric to reduce ultraviolet rays around 90 %.

Art Tote Bag

Russet x HERALBONY tote bag

A unique bag with a folding umbrella.

Russet x HERALBONY collaboration tote bag.
A monogram nylon is used on the back, and you can use it reversible. It is also possible to hold the upper part and show the back a little.

In addition to the S size that can include plastic bottles and folding umbrellas, we also have large capacity L size.

Art Handkerchief + Frame

Frame handkerchief

A unique painting that colors the room.

Why don't you color the house time on a rainy day with Art HandkerCheef?

Art Handkerchiev + Frame will deliver your favorite pattern from the 8 patterns Art Handkerchiev in a picture frame.

Changing the handkerchief inside is perfect for casual changes.