To that person who is always by my side.
I want to get closer to that person.
To that person who has been so kind to me.

This year, why not express your feelings with a gift of art that tells a story from HERALBONY?


Chocolate that looks like a crayon | Baton Chocolat BOX

A collaboration with Kuon Chocolate. It comes in a box decorated with Yukihito Okabe's work "Hoo! Hey!". The seven-colored Baton Chocolat also represents the "baton" of a relay that connects people. We hope it will be a catalyst for connecting you with your loved ones.

Four unique drip bag coffees

This is a collaboration product with Nagasawa COFFEE, which is loved by fans all over the world for its specialty coffee that transcends regions and countries. Brewing a unique coffee with your loved one is sure to spark wonderful conversation.

Enjoy a special moment with a coffee and coaster set

This gift box set, created in collaboration with Nagasawa COFFEE, includes two coasters and drip bag coffee. Drinking coffee with your loved one while experiencing art is sure to be a special experience.

Handkerchief set that connects two people

A pair of handkerchiefs featuring two different works by the same artist. In addition to using them as handkerchiefs, they can also be used to wrap lunch boxes or souvenirs, or can be placed around your neck or in the breast pocket of your jacket as a fashion accent.

Book cover set that connects two people

A pair set for two book-lovers featuring two works by the same artist. They can be used for a variety of book sizes. You can also enjoy them as art by framing them without folding them.

Take a break with a pair of mugs

With matching art mugs, you can take a break and have a relaxed conversation. These mugs are stable and cylindrical, and have an easy-to-use shape. We recommend pairing them with the same art, or with different art.

Beer gift set that connects feelings

This is a collaborative gift with Baeren Beer, which has been connecting people and regions through beer. With the hope that this gift set will "connect" people, we have used the art of Satoru Kobayashi, who creates works by connecting numbers and letters.

Add a special touch to your look with art ties

This jacquard artwork was created in collaboration with the long-established men's clothing store "Ginza Taya." Just wearing it will make you look special. Give a special gift to that special someone who always works hard this year.

Leather accessories that make you feel unique at all times

The design is unisex, so you can pair it with a loved one by choosing different pieces of art. It's an item that combines looks and practicality, so you can always have something unique on hand.

A handkerchief to show your appreciation

For your friends who have always been kind to you. We also recommend giving handkerchiefs as gifts at work, school, or when friends gather. Have fun choosing a gift while thinking about which art would look good on that person.

How to order a gift

You can select gift wrapping on the cart screen. Your order will be delivered in HERALBONY's original wrapping.
*Some products cannot be wrapped.

You can also use "eGift", which enables you to send gifts to people whose addresses you do not know, and you can also specify the delivery date (5 business days or more after ordering).

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Please note that items purchased after February 7th (Wednesday) may not be delivered by Valentine's Day.
*Please note that we may not be able to meet your desired delivery date for remote areas.

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