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[BAEREN×HERALBONY] Beer 8-bottle gift set

Satoru Kobayashi


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The expiration date for this product is May. In order to reduce food waste, we have changed the price to make it more affordable. Whether you are relaxing at home, celebrating, or enjoying cherry blossom viewing, please enjoy this special Art Beer with your loved ones.

This is a collaborative gift with Baeren Beer, which has been connecting people and regions through beer. With "connecting" as the keyword, we hope that this product will connect people with each other, and we have used the art of Satoru Kobayashi, who creates works by connecting numbers and letters.


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■Product Information


Baeren Brewery Classic (HERALBONY original label design) x 8 bottles Alcohol content: 6.0% / Capacity: 330ml bottle

An authentic German-style lager beer with a good balance of richness and bitterness. Dortmund is the city with the largest beer production in Germany. Beer brewing has been thriving in this city for a long time, and it has been exporting beer to many countries.

This export beer is called "Export" and became popular as a specialty beer of Dortmund. This style of beer is Baeren's classic.

This all-purpose beer has a good balance of richness and bitterness and goes well with any dish. It has a classic German-style flavor. You can enjoy the flavor that symbolizes Baeren at any time.

*Drinking alcohol is prohibited by law for those under the age of 20.
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■About gift sets
・Because it is sold as a box set, it is not eligible for regular gift wrapping. ・The outer packaging is fine even if you give it to someone without wrapping it.


This locally rooted beer manufacturer, which won the Grand Prix for Japanese Craft Beer, has a brewery in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. It is characterized by being an authentic brewery built by a group of beer lovers without any financial backing from anywhere.

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Currently enrolled at Lumbini Museum (Iwate Prefecture)

His favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Queen, Yosui Inoue, Spitz, and THE BOOM. He also loves going for walks. While attending a junior high school special needs school, Kobayashi began to write all of his letters in his diary and essays in a unique arrangement. At first, his teachers struggled to find a way to fix his writing, but he soon came to see it as an attractive form of expression. This was the turning point, and his writing began to take flight as art that brings joy to many people.

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