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[Until the end of June] Disney × HERALBONY | Cappuccino Cup "Various (2)"

Motoka Hattori

¥1,980 ¥3,960

Tax included.

A cute, round-shaped cappuccino cup. The artwork is reproduced in detail using Nikko's transfer paper technology. The art is applied to pure white fine bone china, giving it a textured finish. It can also be used for cereals and soups.

■ Product details

  • Material: Fine bone china
  • Size: Diameter 9cm, height 7cm
  • made in Japan
  • Product number: DH-23SS-I05-02

■Care instructions and handling precautions

  • Care instructions: Dishwasher safe.
  • Precautions for use:
    It is fragile so please do not drop it.
    Do not use in oven.
    You can warm it up in the microwave.
    Sudden changes in temperature may cause the glass to break or crack.

Born in 1999, currently living in Mie Prefecture. Belongs to Studio Yamanami since 2018.
Originally, she would often draw her favorite foods, animals, and various characters, but one day, she started drawing lines by repeatedly moving her finger vertically and horizontally, which led to the establishment of her current style. Her line drawings are "various," as she calls them. She uses art materials such as pens and colored pencils, and draws not only on construction paper, but also on three-dimensional objects such as empty boxes. In keeping with her innocent personality, she carefully draws each colorful line one by one, resulting in colorful works.

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