{Until the end of June} Disney × HERALBONY | 24cm Plate "Various (2)"

¥2,750 ¥5,500

Tax included.

An easy-to-use flat 24cm plate. The artwork is reproduced in detail using Nikko's transfer paper technology. The art on the pure white fine bone china has a textured finish. We also recommend using the line design from the same series.

■ Product details

  • Material: Fine bone china
  • Size: diameter 24cm
  • made in Japan
  • Product number: DH-23SS-I01-02


Nikko Fine Bone China is made using our unique pottery manufacturing technology, which has enabled us to increase the bone ash content to approximately 50%, and its greatest feature is its elegant pure white color.
In addition, because it has an outstanding translucency, it has a transparent finish, even though it is porcelain. Nikko Fine Bone China, which pursues the beauty of pure white while also having excellent strength, has earned a high reputation in professional fields.

■Care instructions and handling precautions

  • Care instructions: Dishwasher safe.
  • Precautions for use:
    It is fragile so please do not drop it.
    Do not use in oven.
    You can warm it up in the microwave.
    Sudden changes in temperature may cause the glass to break or crack.