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{Until the end of June} Disney × HERALBONY | Scarf

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A special collaboration item between the main visual of Ginza Mitsukoshi's "Disney PREMIUM MARKET" and five unique artists under contract with HERALBONY. The gloss and smoothness of silk make this a sophisticated and elegant piece to wear.

■Product Information

  • Material: Silk satin
  • Product size: 88cm x 88cm, box H2.5W24xD16.4
  • Product number: DH-23SS-SC01-01


Born in 1996 and lives in Shiga Prefecture. From 2015, he belongs to the Yamanami Kobo.
Originally, he was reluctant to create creative activities, but as one of the ways to work with a sense of work, stamp pushing activities began. Use a variety of materials, such as a cardboard paper, paper cup, rubber, etc. that are rolled into a stick -shaped shape, decide on your favorite color, and carefully push the kids one by one. While working, he was gradually released from his weakness in his creation, and every time his work was completed, he was rejected, and his confidence in his creation was deepened. Now he is an activity that he can work on in one of his self -expression.


Haruka mori

UNICO / The beginning of the museum (Fukushima Prefecture).
Creatures protruding from the screen gently. Forest production is held at Passo, a business office that goes three days a week. Many creatures such as animals, fish, and insects are found in the drawn motifs, and most of them are expressed without drawing outline. The dynamism of the bold handwriting and the charming expression of the creatures are combined, and the work has a mysterious vitality, and it is likely to start moving. This style is largely due to the fact that both arms are inconvenienced, and the production is produced with legs. Most of the productions are performed by the forest themselves, but the staff of the establishments may be supported by receiving the instructions of the forest. He has a strong desire to create, and in recent years he has been working on three -dimensional modeling. The main award history is the 2nd Sankei Hatake Art Festa 2008 Excellence Award (elected director of the Osaka City Museum of Art). In the main group exhibition, "It was born in Michinoku 2016" (Kurayoshi Art Museum Sorry/Tottori/2016), "The 3rd ArtsSession in Ranzan Look! THERE IT IS Hora!" There are many such as Saitama Branch Express Society/Saitama/2016).



Born in 1991,Lives in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture. Severe developmental disorders, belonging to NPO hopes.
Mainly using crayons, acrylic and needle are added. During the production, they often take their eyes off the screen and move the crayon while saying Hannya -minded and solitary words. Rather than trying to draw something, it seems that the work is being made as an event near the delusion.


Taisuke Kinugasa

Born in Kyoto City in 1989. Continue to draw pictures from the age of two. Drawing is to live. It draws a world full of light and color with color sensation and sensitivity, which is also described as magical. The artwork has been highly evaluated in Japan and overseas. Based on a gallery miracle in Kyoto, solo exhibitions are held in various places, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Sapporo, Osaka, Okayama, and New York. Many projects such as various major corporate collaborations, commercialization, commercial space and public facilities exhibitions. Daikaku ema is on the permanent exhibition at the Kyoto Kami -Ryo Shrine and the Kyoto Imperial Palace Shiran Shrine.


Atsuhito FUJIKI

Born in 1994 and lives in Shiga Prefecture. From 2014, he belongs to the Yamanami Kobo.
He points to the car that comes and goes and asks, "Nissan?" "Honda?" Repeated the names of the support staff and their favorite food.
Each word exchange is a means for him to have contact with others. The answer to the question is a word play, and it is an important means of communication for him to check the other person's thoughts and how it is.
There is a creative activity on the extension of its involvement. Repeated work is always performed while enjoying conversation with the support staff. Check the cars, foods, and people you like in words and raise them in the picture. Everything that comes from his expression is a work with the feeling of compassion.

Takafumi Yamane "Untitled (1)"

Haruka Mori "Electric Shock"

Norimichi "Yellow green, yellow, light blue, circle, 2022"

Taisuke Kinugasa "Let's go to the land of dreams (2)"

Atsuhito Fujiki "Hamburger (2)"

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