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Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (Leaf)"| Art Handkerchief

Koichi Tsuchiya

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A 53cm x 53cm art handkerchief. It can also be used as a fashion item. Art with a story is also recommended as a gift.


Product information

  • Material 100% cotton%
  • Size 53cm 53cmcm


Koichi Tsuchiya Untitled Leaf葉っぱ)


Koichi Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya's representative works are roughly divided into a group of works with a shape like a dumpling stuck in a skewer entitled "Happa" and a group of works entitled "Hana" in which the entire screen is painted in multiple colors. In recent years, there are many enthusiasts, such as the bran of newly built houses, beauty salons, and children. The walls of the facility have also been drawn and have been well received.や児童施設の壁面も作画し、好評を得ている。

■How to use Recommended usageい方

It can be used not only as a handkerchief but also as a point by wrapping it around your neck or bag. It is also recommended as a room interior that colors your daily life.です。

■For Gift Giftト

One by one, the story is packed、HERAL BONY art products。
For such a product、Furthermore, put your own feelings、Would you like to give a gift to your loved one?。We will deliver it by wrapping it in a wrapping paper with the HERAL BONY logo.。

enrolled at unico / Museum of Beginnings (Fukushima Prefecture)

Tsuchiya's representative works can be broadly divided into a group of works titled "Happa", which looks like a dumpling stuck in a skewer, and a group of works titled "Hana", in which the entire screen is painted in multiple colors. be done. In addition, I sometimes take notes about specific objects such as "sushi", people, and bus operations. Both 'leaves' and 'flowers' have vivid colors in common, and together with the gentle image of plants, there are many fans. In recent years, he has drawn fusuma (sliding doors) for newly built houses and wall surfaces for beauty salons and children's facilities, which have been well received.

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