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[KAPOK KNOT×HERALBONY] Down stole "Square, circle and triangle"

Miyuki Higo


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Light enough to carry with you in the air, this scarf is perfect for city or travel. A collaboration item with KAPOK KNOT. This lightweight down scarf is made with kapok down and feels great against the skin, keeping you warm and comfortable even on windy days.


■Product Information

  • Length: approx. 100cm, Width: approx. 22cm
  • Material: Body: 100% polyester ; Filling: 70% polyester/plant fiber (kapok) 30%
  • Weight: Approx. 140g
  • Product number: HL-22AW-DS01-3

■ Care instructions

  • Please use a laundry net when washing. Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.
    Please avoid using fabric softener as much as possible, as it may cause the garment to lose its shape or the seams to slip.
    If you leave it submerged in cleaning solution for a long time or leave it wet with water or sweat,
    Please avoid this as it may cause discoloration or color transfer.
    There is a risk of color transfer to other items due to strong friction when wearing the product or friction when wet with water, sweat, etc.
    When putting on or taking off the product, be careful not to get caught on any accessories or protruding parts.
    It may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting for an extended period of time.

    Please be careful when drying and storing.
    Due to the nature of the material, the filling may come out or fine fibers may come out when washing or wearing. If the filling comes out, cut it off with scissors without pulling it.
    Also, please be aware that fibers may be visible depending on the clothing you wear.
    If the filling is unevenly distributed, gently loosen it and distribute it evenly before wearing.
    Since no chemical solvents are used on the raw kapok cotton, it is possible that the oils inherent in the raw material may seep out during washing. Since it is necessary to wash with plenty of water, we recommend using the hand wash setting on the washing machine and thoroughly spin-drying the product. If any seeps out, please rest assured that it will come off if you wash it again with water.

■Collaboration|KAPOK KNOT

A fashion brand made from nuts that warms both body and soul. Through the creation of products using kapok, a natural material also known as down that grows on trees, we propose a new lifestyle that combines the enjoyment of fashion with consideration for a sustainable future.
The brand name is "KAPOK KNOT," combining the material, Kapok, with the word knot, and the brand logo is based on the motif of mizuhiki, which represents "lasting forever."

Official site:

Currently working at Atelier Yahho!! (Kyoto Prefecture)

She is like a big sister to everyone at Atelier Yaho!! and creates her own works freely using colored pencils, watercolors, embroidery thread, etc. depending on her mood. The creatures and plants that appear in her works range from cute to mysterious, even the artist herself does not understand. Each piece is filled with a colorful world that exudes kindness.

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