KAPOK KNOT × HERALBONY Koichi Tsuchiya「Untitled(Leaves)」|Art Coat

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Koichi Tsuchiya


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to the Noto Peninsula earthquake relief efforts.Click here for details

Lightweight and warm. An animal-free, nut-based down coat, a collaborative art coat between "KAPOK KNOT" and HERALBONY.

Model height | Woman model: 162cm (M)
Man model: 178cm (L)

Product Information

  • Material: Outer: 100% polyester / Filling: 60% polyester, 40% plant fiber (kapok)
  • Product number: HERAL-CT02
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■Collaboration|KAPOK KNOT

A fashion brand made from nuts that warms both body and soul. Through the creation of products using kapok, a natural material also known as down that grows on trees, we propose a new lifestyle that combines the enjoyment of fashion with consideration for a sustainable future.
The brand name is "KAPOK KNOT," combining the material, Kapok, with the word knot, and the brand logo is based on the motif of mizuhiki, which represents "lasting forever."

Official site: https://kapok-knot.com


土屋 康一

Koichi Tsuchiya