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"Ballad of Youth" | Handkerchief + Frame Set (A4)

Keisuke Mori


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Add a splash of color to your daily life with ART HANDKERCHIEF + FRAME.

You will receive a frame with your choice of one design from ART HANDKERCHIEF. In addition to the design you purchased, you can easily enjoy many other artworks by replacing the handkerchiefs inside.

Product Information


material: Aluminum, UV acrylic
size: 210mm×297mm (A4)
Accessories: String

ART HANDKERCHIEF Material: 100% cotton
Size: 53cm x 53cm

*Product photos are processed to be as close to the actual color as possible, but the color of the actual product may differ depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc. Please note in advance.

■ Framing method

Please bring your own handkerchief.
Please choose your favorite part of the art and enjoy it.

1. Open the handkerchief and turn it inside out and spread it out.
Place the cardboard in the center and fold it into a square.

②Open the back of the frame and place a handkerchief inside.

③ Close the frame lid and slide the tab.

*If you are concerned about wrinkles in the handkerchief, iron it as needed.

Born in 1989. Lives in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. Currently enrolled at Kibo no Sono in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture. Started creating at the age of 12 at the atelier "HUMAN ELEMENT". Started oil painting at the age of 17, and is a regular artist who is selected every year for national open exhibitions and Mie Prefectural Exhibitions. He has held solo exhibitions in Aichi, Gifu, and Mie. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions not only in Japan, but also overseas in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, China, and Vietnam. His current color composition, with striking contrasts between light and dark, was inspired by advice from Murabayashi, chairman of Kibo no Sono. His hobbies are video games and reading books.

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