Poster "Aspirations: Taking on a new challenge, the man of the year" [Horse logo product]

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Hiroo Suzuki

To commemorate the 5th anniversary, 15 limited edition art posters depicting the city of Iwate, where HERALBONY began, will be released on the online store.

A design that combines artwork and graphics. The graphic motif is the letter "H." This is the initial for HERALBONY and stands for Human. Eight different posters feature different shapes of the letter "H."

Product Details

・Original art poster (size: A2 | 420 x 594 mm)

*The product photo shows the poster with a sticker attached.
*Each poster comes with one of eight message stickers. The stickers are in the shape of an "&" and are attached to the poster to connect the "H Graphics" and the "Artist's Work".

*In addition to using it as a poster, we also recommend sticking it on your PC, mobile phone, etc.

"#Uniqueness from Iwate" project

... With the aim of "making it normal for people with disabilities to live as they are," we appointed artworks by contracted artists to design posters. We asked the people of Iwate Prefecture, the "place of origin" of HERALBONY, to put up posters all over the city, creating a scene in which welfare is integrated into the city.
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Kenichi Kuromaru |homesickdesign

Design Branding Division Leader / Art Director / Graphic Designer Born in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. After graduating from the Industrial Design Department of Iwate Prefectural College of Industrial Technology, he joined a printing company in the prefecture. After working in Morioka and Tokyo, he joined homesickdesign in 2018. Playing with his two sons is what gives him a purpose in life.

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鈴木 広大

Hiroo Suzuki