Art poster | Ryo Nakao "Title Unknown" (with frame)


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Ryo Nakao


Ryo Nakao's work has been made into a poster. It has a classy, ​​minimalist design and is delivered framed in a frame that enhances the art. At 40 x 56 cm, it is an easy size to display in any room. The energy that the work emits will change the atmosphere of the room.

Product Details

  • Size (length x width) | 560 x 400 mm
  • External dimensions including frame (length x width) | 562 x 402 mm
  • Thickness: 24mm
  • Material | Poster: Paper / Frame: Wood, Acrylic
  • Accessories: String, instruction manual
  • When hanging a picture frame on the wall, please do not use fasteners or nails. Instead, please prepare special frame hanging hardware and frame holders separately.

    *Please note that the room photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ in color and size from the actual product.


中尾 涼

Ryo Nakao