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Silk Scarf "Untitled"

Toshio Katahira


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An art scarf that incorporates the work of Toshio Katahira into the design. It is made of silk material that brings out the charm of the art to the fullest. Wrap it around your neck or waist to add a styling accent.


■Product Information

  • Material: 100% silk
  • made in Japan
  • Size: 88cm x 88cm
  • Product number: HL-23SS-SC01-5

■Care instructions and handling precautions

  • Please note that the color may fade due to friction when wet, such as with sweat or water.
  • Do not use a steam iron.
  • The application of localized force may cause the mesh to become distorted (tears).
    Please be careful of snagging or getting caught.

Currently working at Tamutamusha Nakayama Studio (Miyagi Prefecture)

Born in 1989, currently living in Sendai. Joined Tamutamusha in 2011. His works specialize in "layering" colors, and they give the impression of not only the color visible on the surface, but also the "thickness of color" hidden deep within. They have a real weight, both visually and tactilely. They weigh just over 0.1 ton. He likes listening to the sound of the river in the park.

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