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Chihiro Yagyu

The "WALL ART MUSEUM" project decorates the white temporary fences at construction sites with art by contracted artists of HERALBONY, turning the town into a museum. The large artworks displayed on the temporary fences in this project have been reborn as tote bags.

*Only one of each design is available for sale. Please note that there will be no restocks.

Product Description

Each bag is made by washing and cutting a single piece of fabric, which is several meters long, so each one has a different design. This is a sustainable product, with eco-leather made from corn for the handles and scallop shells used as a deodorizing and antibacterial agent.

Made of tarpaulin, a material with excellent durability and stain resistance, it can be used safely even in rainy weather. It is also suitable for carrying heavy luggage. A reborn tote bag. It is the only one in the world, so please use it as your special companion for a long time.

The opening of the bag has a magnetic hook. The inside has a 15.5cm x 15.0cm pocket where you can store small items such as a smartphone. The shoulder strap is removable, making it a 2-way bag.

The patterns on the front, side, and back vary depending on where the fabric is cut, so it looks beautiful from any angle, and you can enjoy the various expressions of the artwork.

*The number of items produced will vary depending on the size of the work and the display design.


Outer: Tarpaulin Lining: Cotton Oxford (100% cotton)
Shoulder: 100% nylon
Handle: Maize leather (70% polyurethane, 30% corn)
Antibacterial deodorant: 100% scallop shells

size Width 30 cm Height 35.5cm Depth 14cm  (Pocket: 15.5cm x 15cm) Weight: 450g

Detachable shoulder strap


Large pieces of art printed on tarpaulin are displayed on the fencing around construction sites, at airports, on the walls of train stations, and in a social museum that appears for a limited time.

The pieces displayed in the museum for a limited time will be transformed into beautiful items that will adorn your hands. These are special products, one of a kind in the world, with designs that change depending on where they are cut.


柳生 千裕

Chihiro Yagyu