[Permanent store opening] Permanent store opening decision at"Kawatoku Department Store"in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

The art life brand "HERALBONY" will open a permanent store at Kawatoku Department Store in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, from August 1 (Sat).

●Kawatoku Department Store「HERALBONY」
Open:1, August(Sat.)
Adress:1-10-1, Nasono, Morioka City, 3F (men's clothing section on 3F)
We are strongly committed to starting not from Tokyo, but from Iwate. Opening a permanent exhibition is the first step in creating a center of art and culture in our home town of Iwate.
We will continue to create opportunities to fill in the zeroes and ones of "knowing" through the filter of art. First of all, we are working hard to continue to increase the number of people who "know" from Iwate. Please pay attention!。
We are looking forward to seeing you at Kawanori Department Store.


Instagram: @heralbony_iwate

We have opened an account to send out HERALBONY in Kawanori Department Store, Gallery, HOTEL MAZARIUM and Iwate. Please follow us.