[NEWS]"Upcycle Art Museum"will appear at Tokyo Station for a limited time

"Upcycled Art Museum" will open for 17 days at JR Tokyo Station.

HERALBONY and Railway Kaikan Co., Ltd. will open "Upcycled Art Museum" for 17 days from November 16 (Mon.) to December 2 (Wed.) at the JR Tokyo Station Grand Roof B1 corridor (outside the Yaesu underground central ticket gate).

Artwork by artists with intellectual disabilities will be printed on tarpaulins and displayed in JR Tokyo Station. The art tarpaulins will be upcycled into tote bags after the museum is over.

During the period of the "Upcycled Art Museum", we will have a SNS campaign that you can get a tote bag if you post a photo with the artworks at the JR Tokyo Station.

For more information about the campaign, please read this article.

HERALBONY Magazine|"Upcycled Art Museum" at JR Tokyo Station for 17 Days.

"Upcycled tote bag by JR Tokyo Station"

The upcycled tote bag is a JR Tokyo Station original upcycled tote bag with the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station Building logo on it. There are nine patterns in total, and the patterns vary depending on where the tarpaulin is cut. There is also a pocket inside that can hold a Suica card.

Price: 27,500 yen (tax included) (shipping not included), 9 patterns in total, shipping scheduled to begin in March 2021.