[Collaboration] The Ethical Spirits & Co. | Label design in collaboration with Japanese Tea Jin"REVIVE from NINJA"

The Ethical Spirits & Co. × HERALBONY

Japanese Tea Gin "REVIVE from NINJA" in collaboration with Michiyo Yaegashi's "Origami" is now on sale from December 1st.
Sake lees discarded during the sake brewing process and beer that is nearing its expiration date are distilled and used to make sake.
The label design is a collaboration with The Ethical Spirits & Co., which produces new-age craft gins and whiskeys and realizes a circular economy.
Old tree tea made from tea tree trunks that are generally discarded and high quality sencha are positioned as two of the main botanicals to raise awareness that ethical products are delicious.
A new craft gin for a new era, with new values, is born.
For new people.