【ONLINE GALLERY】Online Gallery's second exhibition "Garden of Hope" starts.


HERALBONY ONLINE GALLERYis pleased to announce that we hold a "Garden of Hope" exhibition from August 1 at online HERALBONY GALLERY. You can enjoy 20 works by 8 artists online. The "HERALBONY ONLINE GALLERY" has been made possible through the support of Global Brain Corporation, which resonates with the mission of HERALBONY.

For the second exhibition, we will be showing 20 works from the "Garden of Hope" in Mie Prefecture. You can enjoy their artworks online. Please don't miss the exhibition.

Theme: "Garden of Hope"
Schedule: August 1 - October 31, 2021


Shintaro Aoki
Born in Ise City, Mie Prefecture in 1997. Began working at the studio "HUMAN ELEMENT" in 2010, and had solo exhibitions at Ise Pearl Center in 2012 and Art Salon Ise in 2020. He paints with water-based paint vigorously on boards and Kent paper, not aiming for completion, but rather for fun. In recent years, he has been working on oil paintings. In 2018, he formed the "Shintaro Aoki Trio", a three-man improvisation unit featuring his own piano and actions.

Okabe Shishi
Born in 1994. He has an autistic and belongs to Matsusaka Challenged Place Hope Garden. He creates surfaces by crayons, then scrapes them off with a needle to remove the color, and collects the crayon shavings, which he uses like clay to playfully create artworks. Recently, the method of his creation has been expanded to include the use of a needle to scrape a surface on a board or canvas that has been colored with crayon and poster color. In fact, for him, the mass of shavings he collects (which he calls koroichi) is his real work, and the resulting paintings are just shavings that he has no interest in.

Kenji Kawakami
Born in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture in November 1953. A year later since he was born, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, resulting in loss of speech and limb function. After graduating from elementary school, he began painting on his own while continuing to go to the hospital at home, and in 1997, he started oil painting at Matsusaka Challenged Place Hope Garden, where his talent blossomed. In 2012, he was awarded the "Excellence Prize" in the Western-style painting category at the Mie Prefectural Exhibition, and has received many other awards and recognition both in Japan and abroad.

K Uchiyama
Born in 1994, lives in Ise City, Japan, and is a member of the NPO Hope Garden
Since 2011, he has participated in a group exhibition in Tokyo every year. He has also participated in many other exhibitions.
2015: Okada Cultural Foundation Prize, Western-style Painting Division, 62nd Ise City Art Exhibition
2016: Encouragement Prize, Western-style Painting Division, 63rd Ise City Art Exhibition Encouragement Award"
2018: The 69th Mie Prefectural Exhibition, Western-style Painting Division, "Excellence Award"
2019: The 66th Ise City Art Exhibition, Two-Dimensional Art Division, "City Council President's Prize"
2020: Toyohashi Brut Art Contest, "Vice Governor's Prize"

Born in 1985 and lives in Ise City. She started drawing when she was two, using her sister's pencils and crayons. In elementary and junior high school, she always received a grade of "3" in art, which is relatively low, and art class was the most painful time for her. After spending all her time studying in junior high school, she entered a private high school, Kogakukan. However, she was stuck in her relationships, sports, and studies, and in the winter of her first year of high school, she stopped attending school and developed schizophrenia and anthropophobia. Then, she started drawing again. At the age of 25, she started to draw insects and other things in her current style, and at the age of 27, she started to work at Atelier Human Element. She signed a contract with the NPO Hope Garden, and has participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo every year since 2013, as well as other exhibitions in Japan and abroad. 

Born in 1991, lives in Matsusaka City, Japan. He works mainly with crayons, adding acrylics and needles. While he is painting, he often takes his eyes off the screen and moves the crayon and talkes to himself. It seems that he does not create his works with the intention of drawing something, but rather with his imagination.

Born in 1989, lives in Tamaki-cho, Mie Prefecture, he has intellectual disabilities, belongs to NPO Hope Garden. He has had solo exhibitions in Aichi, Gifu, and Mie, and group exhibitions in Tokyo, Aichi, Mie, Germany, Spain, China, and Vietnam. 2006: 47th Matsusaka City Art Exhibition "Encouragement Prize" 2009: 61st Mie Prefectural Art Exhibition "for your Dream Prize" 2011: POCORART National Open Call Exhibition "Audience Prize" 2013: Chukyo TV "24 Hours TV" "Giant Ecocap Art 2016: "Excellence Award", Western-style painting division, 67th Mie Prefectural Exhibition 2019: Starbucks x Get in touch x Artists with disabilities "MAZEKOZE ART" project participation 2020: "Gold Prize", Toyohashi Brut Art Contest The 3rd Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS Open Call Exhibition "Award" The 1st Art Para Fukagawa Open Call Exhibition "Commissioner of Government Office Award"

Keisuke Mori
Born in 1989, lives in Ise, Mie Prefecture. He has had solo exhibitions in Aichi, Gifu and Mie, and has participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Aichi, Mie, Germany, Spain and Vietnam. 2015: Exhibited at Art Karlsruhe 2015 (Germany), Paris Art Fair 2015 (France). 2020: Selected for the 3rd Japan Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 2020.

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