[Members only] Starting today, December 4th, for four days, we will be selling 18 new original artworks by popular artist Taisuke Kinugasa in advance!

Starting today, Monday, December 4th, for about four days until the Roppongi Hills POPUP opens on December 8th, we will be pre-selling new original artworks (18 pieces in total) by popular artist Taisuke Kinugasa exclusively to members of the HERALBONY ONLINE STORE. All pieces are one-of-a-kind, so the sale will end when they are gone.

This is for members only, so if you would like to see the entire lineup or purchase works, please log in / register as a new member here.

About Taisuke Kinugasa, the artist who paints a world full of light and color

Taisuke Kinugasa's vivid colors are what make him so appealing. His magical sense of color has been highly praised both in Japan and overseas, and he has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Sapporo, Osaka, Okayama, New York, and elsewhere, based at Gallery Miracle in Kyoto City.

At the pop-up "Unusual Department Store" held by HERALBONY at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in July, a work titled "Let's go to Nihonbashi! (¥1,650,000)" was created with Nihonbashi as the setting, and was sent out to fans.

Title: "Let's go to Nihonbashi!"
Art materials: Wood panel, acrylic paint
Production year: 2023
size: 1000×803mm

Artist: Taisuke Kinugasa
Enrollment: None (Kyoto Prefecture)

Introducing the original artworks that will be on sale this time (only a selection)

Some of the original artwork will also be exhibited and sold at the Roppongi POP UP scheduled for December 8th. Please note that if you purchase this work, it will be delivered after the POPUP ends.

Title: "Rose Party in Paris"
Materials: wood panel, acrylic paint
Production year: 2023
Size: 600×600mm

Title: "Let's go to space from Tanegashima"
Materials: wood panel, acrylic paint Year of production: 2023
Size: 650×650mm

Title: "Rose Basket"
Materials: wood panel, acrylic paint Year of production: 2023
Size: 300 x 210 mm (No. 4)

Title: "Safari"
Materials: wood panel, acrylic paint
Production year: 2023
Size: 610×720mm (No. 20)

Title: "Lucky cat No. 4"
Materials: wood panel, acrylic paint
Production year: 2023
Size: 610mm x 720mm

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Introducing new handkerchief designs by Taisuke Kinugasa!

Taisuke Kinugasa's artwork "Afrikarose" is now available as a new pattern on HERALBONY's standard item, the Art Handkerchief! It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a fashion item, a room interior decoration to brighten up your daily life, or to wrap gifts.

Handkerchief "Afrikarose"
Product price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Material: 100% cotton

HERALBONY appears at Roppongi Hills! This year's Christmas theme is "ART IN HEART"

HERALBONY's Christmas theme this year is "ART IN HEART - Give memorable art." In fact, "ART" is hidden in the spelling of "HEART." If you give art by a unique artist along with the idea of ​​"unleash your uniqueness" and a story you want to tell, it will surely remain in people's hearts. I hope your feelings are conveyed to the people who have helped you this year and the people who are most important to you.

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