[EVENT] GALLERY Special Exhibition Commemoration | Online Talk Event on Saturday, September 23rd

From Saturday, September 23rd, the Morioka HERALBONY GALLERY will be hosting a special exhibition called "NEW TRADITIONAL: Fun Experiments and Practices." To commemorate the opening, an online talk event will be held on the official Instagram from 11:30 on Saturday, September 23rd, the first day of the exhibition!

The panel will feature Taro Okabe, a leading figure in "NEW TRADITIONAL" and Executive Director of the Tanpoponoye Foundation, and a talk session with Fumito Matsuda, Vice President of HERALBONY. The talk theme will be "The Potential of Welfare x Traditional Manufacturing." We will consider new possibilities and new values ​​from various angles through the methods and communities of Neutra and HERALBONY.

■ Event Outline

"NEW TRADITIONAL Fun Practices and Experiments"

Taro Okabe x Fumito Matsuda Talk Session Streaming
Talk theme: "The potential of welfare and traditional manufacturing"
Date and time: Saturday, September 23rd, 11:30-12:30
Distribution account: 【Instagram】@heralbonyofficial

■ Panelists

Taro Okabe <br data-mce-fragment="1">Managing Director of Tanpoponoye General Incorporated Foundation.
Born in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture in 1979. Based at Tanpoponoye Art Center HANA, she promotes the "Able Art Movement," which explores new possibilities in art, and the "Good Job! Project," which explores jobs and ways of working. In addition, as the Kinki Block Support Center for the Project to Support the Promotion of Arts and Cultural Activities for People with Disabilities (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), she plays a role in connecting people with disabilities with different fields, such as working on various projects related to disabilities and art.

Matsuda Fumito <br data-mce-fragment="1">Vice President and Representative Director of Heralbony.
He worked in the reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas at a general contractor, and then founded HERALBONY with his twin brother, Takaya Matsuda. He named the company "HERALBONY" after the mysterious word that his brother Shota, who is four years older than him, wrote in elementary school, and is taking on the challenge of updating the welfare field. He oversees sales at HERALBONY. He lives in Iwate. He is the older twin brother. He was awarded the "Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN" award, a list of 30 people under the age of 30 who are changing the world.

■HERALBONY GALLERY Special Exhibition "NEW TRADITIONAL Fun Experiments and Practices"

"NEW TRADITIONAL" is a project that Nara-based Tanpoponoye Foundation and Good Job! Center Kashiba have been working on since 2019, focusing on the possibilities of welfare and traditional manufacturing. This time, with a common theme of "fun experiments and practice," HERALBONY will combine "kokeshi," a local toy from the Tohoku region, with the art of contracted artists to exhibit and sell kokeshi dolls born from free imagination and sensibility at the same venue.
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