[GALLERY] The 8th original painting exhibition "Kaneru Iga Exhibition" will be held from April 2nd

The art gallery "HERALBONY GALLERY" (Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture), which showcases the talents of artists with disabilities, will hold the 8th original painting exhibition "Kaneru Iga Exhibition" from April 2nd.

This special exhibition introduces the paintings of Iga Kadanome, which wraps you in an abstract worldview in which colors and textures unison.

In Iga's paintings, there are no concrete objects that can be expressed in words, and they are composed only of the most essential elements of color, shape, and texture. Sometimes rough, sometimes calm, the group of works created by changing pastel textures to enjoy the coincidence overlap is like a single piece of music consisting of multiple movements.
Iga's expression, which has long been familiar with the cello and has refined the art of connecting with others without words, reminds us of the simple world that has become distant due to the vast amount of information.

From Iwate, we will send out artists from all over Japan who have the ability to communicate with the world. The 8th special exhibition of "HERALBONY GALLERY", which is rooted in the local area and has a long range. Don't miss the ensemble played by Iga Kadome.


" Kaneru Iga Exhibition"
Author: Iga Kanadome
Date: April 2nd (Sat) – May 8th (Sun), 2022
Time: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesdays and Thursdays *After the exhibition ends, the gallery will be closed for about a week to replace the exhibits Venue: 2-38 @HOMEDLUX Building 4F, Morioka City, Morioka, Iwate Prefecture Admission fee: Free Organizer: Heralbonnie Co., Ltd.