[Limited quantity pre-order item] IWATE DOWN x HERALBONY | Down jacket orders now available!

Starting today, we will begin accepting pre-orders for the IWATE DOWN x HERALBONY down jacket on our online store!

"IWATEDOWN" is a down jacket that pursues happiness from production to use, and is made with 100% domestic materials as an ethical garment to wear. It is made from feathers from Iwate and features a light feel and high-quality materials.

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・Down jacket|Women
・Down jacket |Men

In order to allow art to blend naturally into everyday life, the fabric features monochrome artwork that can be easily coordinated with everyday outfits.

▶︎Down jacket|Women

︎Down jacket |Men

Size | Men (M, L, LL) Women (M, L)
Color | Men ( Black, Khaki) Women ( Black, Greige)

Material: Outer: 100% polyester, Lining: 100% polyester
Feathers | Produced in Iwate Prefecture, Feather content: 93% down, 7% feathers
Fill power|810fp
Feather cleaning degree (transparency) | 2000mm *JIS standard average value 1000mm

Price | Man's ¥228,800 (tax included) Women's ¥198,000 (tax included)
Planned sales quantity: Limited to 225 pieces

Advance reservation benefits
As a pre-order bonus until November 30th, everyone who purchases the book will receive a word processor pouch!

Commitment to quality

"Iwate Momo" is raised in the magnificent natural environment of Tanohata Village, Iwate Prefecture. Iwate Prefecture is characterized by the fact that there are many down sewing factories in the area, and in fact, most of the domestically produced down that is generally distributed is sewn in Iwate Prefecture.
Combining Iwate's great outdoors and artisanal skills, this garment was created with the aim of being a piece of clothing that can be used for the next 100 years.


IWATEDOWN stands against the apparel industry's tendency towards mass production and mass consumption, and continues to explore new forms of apparel suitable for a sustainable future. At the same time, HERALBONY, an art lifestyle brand run by HERALBONY, aims to promote the culture of welfare, working with artists, mainly those with intellectual disabilities, both in Japan and overseas.

In this collaboration, artists and designers with different backgrounds come together to provide unique perspectives and new values ​​to society and fashion. Through IWATEDOWN×HERALBONY, we will convey a new form of fashion that respects sustainability and diversity.

Featured works and artist introductions

"Summer Demon"

Author: Satoru Kobayashi
Current position: Lumbinii Museum of Art (Iwate Prefecture)

If you look closely, you can see that it is made up of various numbers connected together. While attending a junior high school special needs school, Kobayashi began to write all of his letters in his diary and essays in a unique arrangement. At first, his teachers struggled to find a way to correct his behavior, but they soon came to see it as an attractive form of expression. This was the turning point, and his expression began to take flight as art that brings joy to many people. His favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Queen, Yosui Inoue, Spitz, and THE BOOM. He also loves walking.


Author: Midori Kudo
Current position: Lumbinii Museum of Art (Iwate Prefecture)

At times she is floating about, dreamily smiling and talking to someone nearby. At other times she is alone, immersed deeply in her own inner world. Kudo's gaze drifts, chasing something that only she can see in her mind. Is it an image of happiness that fills her heart? Or is it to prevent pain and sadness from being reflected in her mind? Or perhaps... Kudo's work has an endlessness that seems to be born from meditation. Is she aware that she is creating something? When she draws, sews, or does some unfamiliar "something", her work is permeated with a mysterious atmosphere that makes you suddenly wonder.

Thoughts on the featured art

"We appreciate it if you treasure it in your closet, but since you took the time to purchase it, we want you to wear it many times and love it. So, in addition to the beautiful artwork, we chose this piece from among the works of wonderful artists in Iwate, because it is art that can be easily coordinated as outerwear."
- Creative Director: Yoko Kawasaki (Heralbony)


An apparel brand founded in October 2021 by a futon shop in Iwate Prefecture.

Just as Kenji Miyazawa once said in his Outline of Farmer's Art, "Individual happiness is impossible until the whole world is happy," IWATEDOWN also pursues "happiness" in every process from "making" to "using," and strives to manufacture products that will make everyone happy by doing business at a fair price with all the companies involved. In addition, we are committed to completely domestic production, from the collection of raw wool, to selection, washing, sewing, and the threads and fabrics used, and have now released our second product.