[RECRUIT] Recruiting shop staff at Iwate and Tokyo stores (contract employees, part-time workers, part-timers)

Heralbony Co., Ltd. is a welfare experimental unit whose mission is to "make a difference."

The art lifestyle brand "HERALBONY" developed by HERALBONY is a new welfare-oriented brand by delivering works drawn by mainly intellectually disabled artists from all over Japan to the world as products such as handkerchiefs, ties, and interiors. We aim to create a culture of

Currently, we have a permanent store at Kawatoku Department Store in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, and we are opening limited-time pop-up shops in Tokyo, Kansai and Tokai regions.

This time, we are looking for HERALBONYHERALBONY shop directors and shop staff in two locations in the Iwate and Tokyo areas , who are responsible for conveying the idea of HERALBONY to many people .

【Contract employee】

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【part-time job 】

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