The art exhibition "The Colours! vol.2" will be held at Senba Excel Building in Osaka from 11/15 to question the value of 'being different'.

〜Exhibition of original drawings by many artists under the supervision of Hiromi Kurosawa, curator of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa〜

This time, in collaboration with Tatsuno Co., Ltd., we will hold “Heral Bonnie The Colors!

"Heralbonny The Colours!" is an art exhibition curated by Hiromi Kurosawa, planning advisor of Heralbonny and curator of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Together with the artist, we will send out the message that individual "differences" themselves become value and color society. Following the favorable reception at Roppongi's art complex ANB Tokyo in July 2022, the second event will be held in Osaka.

All exhibited works are also available for purchase at the online store.

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■ About Semba Excel Building

The "Semba Excel Building", the venue for this exhibition, was selected as the venue for the "Osaka Kansai International Art Festival" as the base for the "Semba Art Site Project", which aims to update and rebrand the Senba district in central Osaka with art. It's where you are. Set in a city that attempts to create new value through art, under the mission of "Let it stand out." We aim to realize a society where

■Exhibition concept " The Colors!"

An exhibition that focuses on works with the power of "color" selected from artists licensed by the experimental welfare unit "Heraruboni" .

Art has the existence value in "difference". Rather than being “same” or “normal, ” individual “individuality” is recognized. Difference is the real value. Even if you look around the world, it can be said to all existence that there is no same thing as one. As for human existence , "difference" itself becomes value and colors society. Differences support diversity, and diversity is the power of survival. And above all, "difference" is beautiful.

For example, the color palette of paints and colored pencils can be added, mixed, diluted and stretched by users to create their own colors infinitely.

Color perception also varies from person to person. Since color vision is determined by the relationship between vision and brain, multiple people cannot share the same color vision. What you call red may not be red to me. This “difference” is the value that should be respected.

Although the earth is said to be blue, it is actually a mixture of many colors. Living things, created things, produced things. Already there from the distant past.

All colors are different, and colors are beautiful as they are. Cherish the color of "I", believe in the power of "I", and find the color that "I" like! Let me know where I am!

Let's give power to the color of "I"!

Hiromi Kurosawa

■Exhibition Overview

Exhibition name: Heral Bonnie The Colors! vol.2
Date: November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) to December 24, 2022 (Saturday)
Venue : Senba Excel Building 2F
Address: 3-2-11 Kyutaro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0056 Map
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 12:00-19:00
Closed: Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Admission fee: Free

Exhibited artists: Naoto Iguchi, Daiki Ito, Uchiyama.K, Taisuke Kinugasa, Alluhiko Kimura, Yu Takada, Takuma Hayakawa, Juri
Contents: Exhibition and sale of original art drawings, sale of HERALBONY products

Co-sponsored by: Heralbony Co., Ltd., Tatsuno Co., Ltd.
Planning: Hiromi Kurosawa ( Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / Planning Advisor for Heral Bonnie )
Venue construction: Super Factory Co., Ltd.
Design: Paper Parade Co., Ltd.

Simultaneous holding: Wall Art Museum in Senba

In conjunction with this exhibition, an art museum will be set up on the fence of T Park Kyutarocho, a parking lot adjacent to the north side of Kyuho Park in the Senba area. The theme is "Everyone can see the art museum from the park." We will create a space where you can enjoy colorful works of art in the scenery of everyday life. During the exhibition period, we plan to hold workshops and other projects aimed at interacting with children.


Exhibition location: North side of Kyuho Park, Fence of T Park Kyutaro-cho (3-2-5 Kyutaro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)

*You can see it from Kyuho Park.
Holding period: Scheduled to be held from mid-November 2022
* As soon as the date is decided, we will inform you on official SNS etc.

■ Introduction of authors and works (* Some introductions, in Japanese syllabary order)

*Artists and exhibited works are subject to change.

Naoto Iguchi / Naoto Iguchi (Safran Living Garden)
My daily routine is to copy my face and what I like at that time using the convenience store in the city and the copy machine in the facility. By pressing your face against the glass and operating the buttons yourself, and by moving your body along with the movement of the light from the sensor, you create unique distortions on the screen. The sticker that is frequently used in the work is the prize application sticker that was peeled off while working on aluminum cans at the facility, and has been won many times. I've been going to my neighborhood convenience store every day for more than 20 years, and when I'm done, the clerk skillfully wipes the oil from my face off the glass.

"Sun and Mount Fuji"

Daiki Ito / Daiki Ito (NPO Ai)

Born in 1984. Lives in Kawagoe City. When interacting with others, you can smile, calmly, and nod while nodding your head, but you will start to worry about it later. His specialty is swimming. Try long-distance swimming. He knows a lot about vehicles and can commute by himself. I also love biking.

"A terrible demon map"

Uchiyama.K / K. Uchiyama (Garden of Hope)

Born in 1994. Lives in Ise City.

Since 2011, he has participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo every year. He has also exhibited at many other exhibitions. 2015 The 62nd Ise City Art Exhibition, Western Painting Division "Okada Cultural Foundation Award" 2016 The 63rd Ise City Art Exhibition, Western Painting Division "Encouragement Award" 2018 The 69th Mie Prefecture Exhibition, Western Painting Division "Excellence Award" 2019 The 66th Ise City Art Exhibition Flat Design Section "City Council Chairman's Award" 2020 Toyohashi Brute Art Contest "Vice Governor's Award"


Taisuke Kinugasa (individual)

1989 Born in Kyoto City. I have been drawing since I was 2 years old. To live is to draw. Drawing a world full of light and color with a color sense and sensitivity that is also described as magical. His artwork has received high acclaim both at home and abroad. Based in Gallery Miracle in Kyoto, he has held solo exhibitions in various places such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Sapporo, Osaka, Okayama, and New York. Many projects such as collaboration with various major companies, commercialization, commercial spaces and public facility exhibitions. Large-scale votive plaques are on permanent display at the votive tablets of Kyoto Kamigoryo Shrine and Kyoto Goshonai Shirakumo Shrine.


Masahiko Kimura (Atelier Yahhoo!!)

Swipe with strong pen pressure. He devised a unique wedge-shaped pattern called Kyuni Kyuni. As a result, the painting has a sense of depth and three-dimensionality. The subjects of his paintings vary from animals to still lifes, but each of his works stands out with his unique painting style. Although his works are highly regarded both at home and abroad, he is indifferent to the noise of the outside world.



Yu Takada (Natural Life Club)

Born in Tokyo. While still a high school student at Ina Special Needs School, she took part in the Shizensei Club's taiko workshop and showed off her outstanding sense of rhythm. Since 2001, he has been a member of the Shizensei Club, engaging in expressive activities such as farm work, painting, and dance, and has also participated in overseas performances in Belgium, Hong Kong, and Denmark. Plays a central role in the drums of the dengaku dance. Despite his health concerns, he is expanding his range of expression with his rich sensitivity and imagination. In the fall of 2013, he held a solo exhibition "Color Maze Exhibition".

"Wan Nyan passing train trip"

Takuma Hayakawa (Garden of Hope)

Born in 1989. Lives in Tamaki Town, Mie Prefecture. Participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Aichi, Mie, Germany, Spain, China and Vietnam. 2006 47th Matsusaka City Art Exhibition "Encouragement Award" 2009 61st Mie Prefecture Exhibition Foreign Painting Division "for your Dream Award" 2011 Pocorart National Public Exhibition "Audience Award" 2013 Chukyo TV "24 Hour Television" Giant Eco 2016 67th Mie Prefectural Exhibition Western Painting Division "Excellence Award" 2019 Starbucks x Get in touch x Disabled Artist "MAZEKOZE ART" project participation 2020 Toyohashi Bruto Art Contest "Gold Prize" NHK E Tele "Those who continue to express themselves in secret vol.3" Broadcasting creative scenes etc. "Commissioner of Government Office Award"

"Beautiful Chaos of the Same Rhythm"

Juri / Juri (Garden of Hope)

Born in 1985. Lives in Ise City. Enrolled in NPO Hope Garden. Started drawing at the age of 2 using her older sister's pencils and crayons. At the age of 25, he began to draw insects in his current style, and at the age of 27, he started working at Atelier, Human, and Element. I exhibit at domestic and international exhibitions.

■ Co-sponsor's message

Heralbony Co., Ltd. President Takaya Matsuda

Executive Vice President Fumito Matsuda

What we want to realize in the Osaka Semba area is "a future that colors the city with welfare." The energy emitted by the conspicuous person with an intellectual disability makes clothing, food, housing, and the city sparkle. I want you to think about the meaning of the word "obstacle" when confronted with beautiful colors. And I want you to realize that there is no boundary line between welfare and everyday life. Heralbony chose Senba, Osaka as its Kansai base. Intuition. Because I felt that the whole area might be able to create a new standard for the future together with everyone. Diversity, sustainability, inclusion, giving meaning is easy, but giving meaning easily structures the world. In this era of too many meanings, let me carefully deliver "I don't know" together with everyone in Senba.

Tatsuno Co. , Ltd. President and CEO Mitsuhiko Tatsuno

The city of Senba, Osaka, where we have nurtured our business, is historically diverse. As a castle town of Osaka Castle and as a wholesale district, people with various backgrounds have been involved, and commerce and culture and art have been born. In recent years, not only offices but also condominiums have increased, showing a new bustle.

This time, I am excited about the dialogue that will be created by creating a place to express diverse and wonderful individuality with Heralboni and sharing that world view. Both adults and children shine, and we want to color the city for the future together.

Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa /

Heralbony Co., Ltd. Planning Advisor Mr. Hiromi Kurosawa

I want The Colors! to be an exhibition where you don't have to explain each artist's disability until they are asked about it. In other words, what is good for you is good! I like what I like! I want the viewers to take on the challenge of believing in these values. I want you to find out for yourself, like the writers who paint what ``I'' want to paint, not because ``despite'' or ``because'' they have a disability.