Satoru Kobayashi's first art book"The Land of Smiles"


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Satoru Kobayashi

Satoru Kobayashi's first art book is now available in limited quantities.

Satoru Kobayashi draws by connecting all letters and numbers and arranging them into his own unique form. It is commonly known as "Satoru character". The Satoru character was born while he was in the middle school of a school for people with disabilities.
In 2007, after graduating from the senior high school, he entered the Rumbini Garden (Rumbini Art Museum). On August 29, 2020, a train on the JR East Kamaishi Line will be wrapped with art drawn by Satoru Kobayashi. (Scheduled until February 2021)


Satoru Kobayashi

His favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Queen, Yōsui Inoue, Spitz and THE BOOM. He is fond of going for a walk, too. During his junior years at special education school, Kobayashi started writing journal entries and essays in unique, altered letters. Initially, the school teachers tried to fix it – but eventually, they would begin to accept it as a captivating art form. This being a turning point, his creative expression has opened a new chapter as an art form that brings joy to the many.

【微笑みの国 小林覚画集】
2020年7月1日 第1刷
著作者 小林覚
編集者 佐藤卓郎
発行者 小林俊輔
印刷製本 活版ディーアイ株式会社


小林 覚

Satoru Kobayashi