ART BLOUSE -Bowtie-|Sanae Sasaki「(Untitled)(Circle)」

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Satoru Kobayashi


  • M
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  • L
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  • 200cm
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  • 220cm
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      1 piece in stock.

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The sheer curtains change colour with the light that shines through, creating a new mood every time you look at them. The special fabric conveys the artist's "will to live" woven with each brush stroke, and is sure to give you the power to enjoy your life.

This product was on sale at the HERALBONY special event. We have been accepting orders for this product until the end of March 2024, but on this occasion we are offering the stock items that were on display. There is only one of each design and size. If you find a product that meets your requirements, please take this opportunity to purchase it.

Product Information

  • Material: 100% recycled polyester
  • Warranty | 1 year warranty *Please check the warranty card or the official JIAS usage guide for warranty details.
  • Care instructions: Use a laundry net and ironing cloth
  • Item Number

■Size options

  • 4 types, width 105cm x length 135cm
    Width 105cm x Length 178cm
    Width 105cm x Length 200cm
    Width 105cm x Length 220cm
  • We recommend one sheet for every 90cm of width.
  • Please note that if the width is 180cm, two pieces will be required.


1. Product Contents

All curtains are sold as single-sided curtains. If you purchase two curtains as double-sided curtains, please note that the label will be attached to the top left corner, so only one side will have the label at the top center.
*Tassels made of the same fabric are not included.

2. Requests when installing curtains

The curtains we sew are folded and packed for shipping.
To prevent wrinkles, please unpack and mount your curtains on the rail as soon as possible.
Wrinkles caused by packaging will gradually become less noticeable over time, but if you notice any wrinkles, lightly iron the item.

3. Number of hooks

Only one hook is attached in the box, and 10 hooks are included in the box.
  • If we send the product with the hooks attached, it will easily wrinkle, so we have only attached one hook as a sample.
  • One extra hook is included, so please keep it as a spare.
4. How to insert the hook

Please check the explanation and video on "How to install the hook" .

5. Product characteristics
  • Due to the nature of the product, neps may appear on the surface of the fabric.
  • Due to the nature of the material, it may expand or contract slightly due to changes in room temperature and humidity.
  • Due to the nature of the material, it is prone to wrinkling. If you are concerned about this, please lightly iron it.
  • Since we prioritize design, the pattern may differ depending on the product. However, for product numbers HE005 and HE007, the patterns on the top are aligned, but since they are printed products, there may be some misalignment of the patterns.


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Satoru Kobayashi