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"Genki" three-dimensional work

Nanami Sasahara


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The works exhibited at "NEW TRADITIONAL: Fun Experiments and Practices" held at HERALBONY GALLERY in Morioka, Iwate are also available for purchase at our ONLINE STORE.

Size: 6 inches (diameter x height | approx. 155 x 180 mm)
Material: Wood

*Items will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after purchase.

The works can still be purchased at HERALBONY GALLERY.
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Since 2019, she has been participating in the Shizensei Club activities once a week. She enjoys painting and drumming at the expression workshop at Tai Museum. Her paintings are characterized by expressions mainly based on letters, which at first glance seem to be meaningless strings of letters, but among them are hidden the names of the buses and shops she regularly uses. In the drum performance, she is trying her hand at the shime-daiko drum, and it is her important role to shout the "exit" call.

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