"Mother's Day" original artwork


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Taisuke Kinugasa

The original artwork by popular artist Taisuke Kinugasa, created especially for this occasion on the theme of "Mother's Day", will be sold exclusively on the EC site. The Kinugasa colors, which make you feel happy just by looking at them, beautifully express the kindness, warmth, and love of mothers. Please receive it as a special Mother's Day gift, or as a gift for yourself. As this is a one-of-a-kind item, it will be sold out once it is sold out.

《Article introducing the artist can be found here》 I witnessed the moment when the desire to draw overflowed. The story behind the birth of artist Taisuke Kinugasa's "Donki-chan" [Unusual Communication #1]

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・Size (length x width) | 180mm x 180mm
・Art materials|acrylic, wood panel
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衣笠 泰介

Taisuke Kinugasa