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[BRIGHTWAY × HERALBONY] Sneakers "(Untitled) (Maru)"

Sanae Sasaki

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This art sneaker was created in collaboration with the sneaker brand "brightway," known for its minimalist, timeless design and soft feel, with the concept of "a pair of shoes that will still be loved 10 years from now." The sneakers are all leather and you can choose your favorite design from a variety of print patterns.



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■ Product details

The upper material is made of high -quality domestic cowhide, and the lining and insoles are made of pork leather to enhance soft feet and sweat absorption.
In addition, a built -in insole with high cushioning properties supports comfortable comfort.
It is a pair that creates a luxury from the feet, according to various styling.

Item Number:HL-21AW-SO01-19

Size details

  • The size isHerePlease check from.
  • Only 40 size,There are two types, men and ladies. The length is almost the same, but the ladiesThe width and the heel area are narrowed.

■ Flow of purchase

  • Select the desired pattern and size and add it to the cart. If you select A to F of the pattern, the image will switch to the relevant pattern.
  • When purchasing, please register your email address when registering your information.
Collaboration | Brightway

Brightway is a unisex sneaker brand designed by a long -established shoe factory in Osaka.
The concept was "One pair that is loved 10 years later" debuted in March 2020 from crowdfunding Makuake.
A sneaker brand with a minimal, timeless design and soft comfort.
The after -sales service such as sole replacement is also substantial, and it is a long -lasting sustainable pair that can be used for a long time.

Currently enrolled at Lumbini Museum (Iwate Prefecture)

She has been involved in a variety of forms of expression, including not only painting but also weaving, paper cutting, and embroidery, all of which are intricate and rich in color and composition. Currently, she is devoting herself to slowly filling up mail-order catalogs, page by page, with mysterious writings in ballpoint pen. She usually concentrates on one project for several months or years, then suddenly quits and moves on to another.

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