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Sheer curtain "(untitled) (round)"

Sanae Sasaki


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The sheer curtains change colour with the light that shines through, creating a new mood every time you look at them. This special fabric conveys the artist's "will to live" woven with each brush stroke, and is sure to give you the power to enjoy your life.


Product information

  • Material | 100% recycled polyester
  • Delivery time | About 1 month
    * The basic delivery date may be when there is a fabric stock.
  • Guarantee | 1 year warranty
    * The warranty contents are warranty orJIAS official usage guidePlease confirm.
  • Cleaning | Use washing net / ironing cloth
  • Item Number

■ Size development

  • 4 kinds
    ・ Width 105cm x length 135cm
    ・ Width 105cm x length 178cm
    ・ Width 105cm x length 200cm
    ・ Width 105cm x length 220cm
  • We recommend one for 90cm wide.
  • Please note that if the width is 180cm, two pieces will be required.

■ Notes

1. About the contents of the product

All are sold with one piece open. If you purchase two as double -door curtains, the label is attached to the upper left, so please note that only one side label will be at the top of the center.
* Cystact tassel is not included.

2. Request when installing curtains

The curtains sewn by our company are folded, packed and shipped.
To prevent wrinkles, unpack the curtains as soon as possible and attach them to the rails.
Wrinkles by packing gradually become less noticeable over time, but if you are worried, lightly iron them.

3. About the number of hooks

The hook is packed with only one attached, and it is included in 10 separately.
  • If you send it with the hook attached, it is easy to wrinkle, so only one sample is attached.
  • There is one extra hook, so please store it as a spare.
Four. About how to hook

"How to attach a hook"Please check the explanation / explanation video.

5. About the characteristics of the product
  • Due to the characteristics of the product, the fabric surface may have a nep.
  • Due to the nature of the material, it may be slightly expanded and contracted due to changes in the temperature and humidity of the room.
  • Due to the nature of the material, it is easy to wrinkle. If you are worried, iron lightly.
  • Because the design is given priority, the pattern will differ depending on the product. However, regarding the part number HE005 / HE007, the pattern is matched, but for printed products, there may be a pattern shift.


Official site here

Product number | HE001

Currently enrolled at Lumbini Museum (Iwate Prefecture)

She has been involved in a variety of forms of expression, including not only painting but also weaving, paper cutting, and embroidery, all of which are intricate and rich in color and composition. Currently, she is devoting herself to slowly filling up mail-order catalogs, page by page, with mysterious writings in ballpoint pen. She usually concentrates on one project for several months or years, then suddenly quits and moves on to another.

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