Hiroshi Ichikawa

Atelier AUTOS/Kisen Social Welfare Corporation (Chiba Prefecture)

It was he who gave the school the opportunity to start pottery. When the school first opened, he worked at a nearby kiln, creating coffee cups with horse and bantam necks attached. These were very unique, and the school's pottery activities began with the desire to cherish this talent. He uses his favorite motifs, horses and bantam gourds. After that, he expanded his imagination by seeing actual horses at a ranch and looking at books and photographs. Now, he travels around Japan and abroad with the money he has saved from work, and incorporates the emotions he experiences there into his work, completing powerful pieces. From around the autumn of 1999, he began painting in a variety of colors, demonstrating his new talent.


the work

Fish Trindolin


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Together with artists, we will create a sustainable brand.
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