Kiyoshi Yaegashi

Kira Yaegashi was creating his work at the Lumbini Museum in Iwate Prefecture.

At first glance, the work appears to be an abstract geometric pattern, but it is actually a unique arrangement of architecture.

He created this style of expression as a child, without any instruction from anyone,

He continued to create in this one style for over half a century.

The number of works is likely to number in the thousands.

May 10, 2020 is the anniversary of Yaegashi Kira's death.

We will introduce his works that will live on forever and the products that embody those works.

The works he painted throughout his life

"(Untitled) (House)"

"(Untitled) (House)" (black)

Kira's works still remain in people's hearts today.

A large-scale limited-edition wrapping project at Hanamaki Station in Iwate Prefecture (the station building has now returned to its normal state).

At the BAG -Brillia Art Gallery- held in 2021, the desk and art materials he actually used were exhibited alongside his works.

His work lives on like stained glass at the HERALBONY GALLERY in Morioka.