[Product Information] HERAL BONY ART FOLDING FAN is now on sale!

The HERAL BONY ART FOLDING FAN, which was very popular with the pop-ups of Sendai Parco 2 and Parc Avenue Kawatoku, will be on sale in limited quantities at the online shop.

Please take a look at the HERAL BONY ART FOLDING FAN, which was realized in collaboration with the fan brand"FANO Fano"designed using recycled paper cranes given to Hiroshima, on the online store.

FANO is filled with the desire for peace that is passed down through time and culture, and is designed using recycled paper cranes that were given to Hiroshima.

A thoughtful thousand paper cranes delivered from all over the world as well as Japan.
The number is 10 million birds a year, and weighs 10 tons.

The origami cranes, which were reborn as"FANO", an initiative to sublimate the feelings for peace contained in the origami cranes, which was started by the initiative of Hiroshima City, will bring the wind of peace to the world.


● Artist
Koichi Tsuchiya (Beginning Museum/unico)
Michiyo Yaegashi (Runbinii Museum)
Satoru Kobayashi (Runbinii Museum)
Sanae Sasaki (Runbinii Museum)

● Size:(when fully open) length 33 cm/fan diameter 22 cm/(when stored) length 24 cm
● Price:¥ 3,300 (tax included)
● Made in Japan