[Collaboration] Wear art at MAISON SPECIAL x HERALBONY. Making clothes that convey your feelings.

SPECIALTo STANDARD to develop high-quality clothes「MAISON SPECIAL」When「HERALBONY」Collaboration is realized by a well-balanced mix of design and functionality set up or T-shirt Is unfolded.

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Artist:Minami Takahashi
Title:「Wind Rondo」

Minami Takahashi
At first glance, the work created by applying Coupy pencils and crayons is reminiscent of a fierce production attitude that requires quick pencil movements.
However, in reality, her production is very slow and calm. Each color she draws appears on the screen while claiming its beauty without mixing with each other, and the intensity and tranquility coexist mysteriously. I can't help but attract my heart. 


Artist:Sachiko Miyazawa
Title:「Cherry carpet」

Sachiko Miyazawa
She loves the sudden sounds and the lively atmosphere of drawing a lot of finger paints on both hands as if holding a campus.
A work that feels very powerful in the colors that are mixed with emotions in the touch that is very moving and gentle as a whole. 
It takes time to draw multiple layers of colors, so the colors are exquisitely mixed to create a rich color.


Artist:Miyuki Higo
Title:「I don't know」

Higo Miyuki
Atelier Yahho in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto !!
Atelier Yahho !! is like everyone's older sister, and they use colored pencils, watercolors, embroidery threads, etc. to create their own works. Colorful works that exude various tenderness, including mysterious things, are still being born today.