[Product information] Limited quantity order sales start | To Akabeko on the day you want to be nodded

Kinari ( Nami Kishida ) × HERALBONY collaboration items are available for pre-order in limited quantities!

With a red beko in my chest that always nods. When you change your hairstyle, when you bring a proposal that you have worked hard on, or when you feel depressed ... Akabeko will nod for you, so it should work.

Akabeko is based on the image of Nami Kishida's popular note"My younger brother was suspected of shoplifting, and my mother became Akabeko." I adopted it.

It is a limited quantity order sale , and the reservation is"until July 31st". Please hurry up.

◆ Artist:Yoko Mori -Haruka Mori –

Lives in Fukushima prefecture. It features works of creatures that have a mysterious vitality and are about to start moving. An artist who draws pictures with his legs because his arms are handicapped.

A creative activity project of Azumi Aiikuen, a social welfare corporation located in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. This is the activity to which Mr. Mori belongs.

◆ Special Thanks to:The beginning museum


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