HERALBONY's podcast program "HERALBONY TONE FROM MUSEUM ~Listening Museum~" begins

A new podcast will be hosted by Sara Ogawa, an actor, filmmaker and writer, and Takaya Matsuda, CEO of Heralbony.

The concept of the show is "The history of an unusual artist as imagined through their art." Each episode features a Heralbony contracted artist, his/her family, and a welfare facility staff member as guests, and while listening closely to their art, the show touches on the personality and life of an "unusual artist" that can be seen beyond their work.

By imagining the artists as "people" rather than as "people with disabilities," you can enjoy a "borderless art experience" that will make you feel closer to the uniqueness of their work.


MC: Sara Ogawa and Takaya Matsuda

Guest: Heralbony author

The latest episode is released every Sunday at 12:00 (only the first episode will be released on 4/28)

The jingle that plays at the start of the program is made by ROUTINE RECORDS, a new sound project that conveys the everyday sounds of people with intellectual disabilities to society through music, encouraging people with disabilities to change their perceptions. Please listen carefully to the unique sounds that are there.

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#1. What is HERALBONY? Part 1 4/28 (Fri)

MC: Sara Ogawa and Takaya Matsuda Guest: Fumito Matsuda

#2. What is HERALBONY? Part 2 May 7th (Sun)

MC: Sara Ogawa and Takaya Matsuda Guest: Fumito Matsuda

#3 Artist: Igagan Otokoro 5/14 (Sun)

MC: Sara Ogawa, Takaya Matsuda Guest: Fumito Matsuda, Heralbony contracted writer Iga Kannodome

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Podcast theme and jingle sound sources

- "TYPING" by Yuki Kamitsuchibashi (Yamanami Studio, Shiga Prefecture)

"NOODLE PACKET" by Mihoko Sakai (Yamanami Kobo, Shiga Prefecture)

We plan to release this information as an article at a later date so that many people can enjoy it. Please wait until it is released.