-Your shopping becomes a paintbrush- Isai Week will be held from January 31st

The week from January 31st (Tuesday) to February 6th (Monday) will be called "Isai WEEK" .
We will be running a project where a portion of sales from our online store will be given back to artists in the form of paintbrushes and paints.

All customers who purchase the item will also receive an original wallpaper art as a gift. During the event, we are also accepting fan letters to the artist via social media.

Wear art and send a message.
Why not take this opportunity to support an unusual artist that interests you?

▶︎Isai WEEK|Special page here

Towards a society where being "unique" is the norm

January 31st is an unusual day.

HERALBONY works with outstanding artists from Japan and abroad.
As an art lifestyle brand that aims to create new value and culture,
Fashion, interior design, etc.
We provide products that add color to your daily life.

What HERALBONY wants to convey through its products is,
The message is clear: disability is not a deficit.
Not as a “disabled person,” but as a “writer.”
Not as support, but as respect.
We hope to create new encounters that will inspire and build deep respect.
We at HERALBONY would like to continue to deliver our products with care.

Transcending the various categorizations and borders that exist in the world,
Towards the realization of a society where uniqueness can exist as it is.

1.31 Unique Day Heralbony