[GALLERY] The 13th special exhibition "Nagasawa COFFEE × HERALBONY" will be held from February 11th

The 13th special exhibition of "HERALBONY GALLERY".

Four artists, Sanae Sasaki, Teppei Kasahara, Keisuke Tanida, and Gan'ondou Iga, will be appearing, and the space will be decorated with unique art, mainly works commissioned for a collaborative project with Nagasawa COFFEE.

The contents of the drip bags in this collaboration product were created with the primary goal of making coffee that anyone can enjoy easily at evacuation centers after the earthquake.
It is called "KEEP SMILE BLEND" and is the origin of Nagasawa COFFEE, which handles everything from purchasing green coffee beans to roasting, brewing, and serving, and provides carefully selected coffee from Morioka to people across regions and countries.

So that more people can feel happy.

These collaborative products are made with the hope of breaking down preconceived notions and providing enjoyment for everyone who picks them up, and they support colorful and free expression.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who helped us make this exhibition possible.
This is the 13th exhibition of the HERALBONY GALLERY, which has roots in the local area but has a far-reaching reach, and will be showcasing artists from all over Japan from Iwate.

Please come and see the diverse and transcendent worlds of art depicted by these four artists.